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History & Information On The Super NES
  • History:

The Super NES was released in 1990 in Japan, and 1991 in the USA. The original Super NES sold more than 20 million units just in the US, and over 46 million units worldwide!

  • Technical Specs:
The SNES featured a 65c816 16-bit processor running 2.68-3.58mhz! It had 128/kbyte of system memory and 64/kbyte of video memory. It is capable of displaying a max resolution of 512x448 with 256 colors but capable of displaying 32,768 different colors. Sprites were able to be up to 64x64 pixels in sizez, with a maximum of 128 sprites on the screen at any given moment. Cartridges held anywhere from 2 Mbit - 48 Mbit of information It used the 8-bit Sony SPC700 sound processor which could handle 8 sound channels at once with true stereo sound!

  • Accessories:
Just like the NES, the SNES had some interesting accessories released for it. But even though the SNES is my favorite system, I didn't really like anything ever released for this system.

  • Super Game Boy

The Super Game Boy lets you play GB games on your SNES in color! Normal Game Boy games will be using a palette with four colors which you can edit and choose which 4 colors u want it to use, but many of the newer GB games (released after the Super GB) supports 256 colors in static screens (i.e. the title screen) and 12 colors in the normal game! Since the simulated GB screen doesn't fill out the whole TV-screen and you can create your own border that fills out the rest of the screen. The only big downside is that you can't play multiplayer. So you should only purchase this cool accessory if you don't have a Game Boy, or if you just want to be able play the games on your TV.

Unless you really want to play your GB games on the SNES, there really isn't anything special here.

Rating 5/10

  • Super 8/Tri-Star

This thing is actually pretty cool, and I wish I had one. It lets you play NES games on your SNES! Talk about cool. What youdo is, you take this device and you plug it into the top of your SNES, and then plug your NES  game into it, and 98% of the games will run! So for people who own both systems, they can purchase this thing and then put away their NES.
Rating 8/10

  • Super Scope 6

This is the Super Nintendo's version of the Zapper. It's 2 1/2 feet long and shaped just like a bazooka. As you can see on the picture it has a little plastic thing that acts like a support for your shoulder. The Super Scope 6 also has two buttons on it, one for firing and the other for pausing the game. Unfortunately this gun just EATS batteries like there is no tomorrow! It will eat 6 AA batteries dry in about 4 hours. Talk about a guzzler. The Super Scope 6 also comes bundled with a 6-Games-In-One cartridge called the Super Scope 6 Game Pak. Basically they are just a bunch of mini-games, so when you get tired of it, there really isn't that much to do. I say that because Nintendo didn't license very many games that used the Super Scope 6, only about 7 that I can think of. Which I will name here. Lamborghini American, Battle Clash, (one of my favorites), Bazooka Blitzkrieg, Yoshi's Safari, Terminator 2: The Arcade Game, Tinstar, and X-Zone. I among other people preferred the NES Zapper over this accessory, just because of the fun factor of the games released for each one. But since it does have a couple decent games for it, I will have to say I still like it.
The only reason I am giving this thing a decent rating, is because I like a couple of the games they made for it, but I am disappointed that they didn't make more.
Rating 7/10

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